About Us

EVOSY brings luxury jewelry and fashion accessories with beautiful designs to the masses through affordable prices, we revolutionize fashion products by creating goods made of the highest quality components at the lowest price possible providing immense value and satisfaction.

Our Mission

We are re-inventing Luxury products in order to delight the customer.

Our Products

We use the latest technology in product design to create unique and unconventional timeless jewelry pieces that are both futuristic and classic. While the final production is entirely hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen. 

All our Jewelry are made of Pure and solid Sterling Silver "925", 18k Gold or 18k Gold plated.


Our Jewelry is Made In Canada, designed by our Founder Younes and manufactured here in Montreal.




Younes loves watches and jewelry, thinks " Why not trade in something I am passionate about " creates EVOSY.com, an online store for watches, handbags and accessories.


EVOSY.com Builds trust, brand awareness and become Canada's first brand authorized online store for world leading brands of watches. Offering manufacturer Warranty.


EVOSY.com partners with world leading online stores such as Shop.ca, Amazon and Groupon to offer great products at great prices.


Younes sees that clients are looking for uniquely designed high quality products with great value, decides to create truly affordable luxury fashion accessories under the EVOSY brand.


Travels to China, meets several manufacturers and suppliers to source high quality products. Realizes they can't create the master pieces he envisioned up to his quality standards. Decides to manufacturer locally in Canada  by hiring skilled craftsmen to personally oversee the production of each piece and ensure it meets the EVOSY brand promise.


EVOSY is launched..

Younes El Moujahid, Founder at EVOSYHi, My name is Younes, founder at EVOSY. I was always intrigued by design, fashion and beauty and I strongly believe great products are made of beautiful designs and high quality components. These are the ingredients of what I loved shopping for in jewelry and fashion accessories. But they always came at high prices than expected. EVOSY is re-inventing the affordable luxury market with quality and prices that exceed our customer's expectations.