EVOSY brings modern jewelry and fashion accessories to the masses through affordable prices, we revolutionize fine jewelry and accessories by creating goods made of the highest quality components at the lowest price possible providing immense value and satisfaction.


Using only Precious or semi-precious metals and stones, EVOSY jewelry is entirely made in Canada. We start by using the latest design technologies from computer modeling to 3D Printing to create our collections and bring our vision to life into a 3D printed version.

From there, we create molds where we inject Pure 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold to create our collection one by one.

Highly skilled craftswomen and craftsmen spend 3 to 4 hours on meticulously hand-polishing, cleaning and finishing each piece and ensuring our products are unique, we are obsessed with quality and perfection and we believe this is the only way to achieve our vision of creating jewelry beyond your expectations.

Our workshop in Montreal


We are re-inventing Affordable Luxury products in order to delight the customer.

We use the latest technology in product design to create unique and unconventional timeless jewelry pieces that are both futuristic and classic. While the final product is entirely handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. 

All our Jewelry are made of Pure and solid Sterling Silver "925", 18k Gold or 18k Gold plated.


EVOSY Jewelry and Fashion accessories are exclusively sold online on EVOSY.com. Any other source is 100% counterfeit. Selling directly to our clients without any resellers in between allows us to offer you fine jewelry and luxury at affordable prices beside immense value.


Our Jewelry is Made In Canada, designed by our Founder Younes and handmade here in Montreal.

Jewelry Made In Montreal - Handmade


EVOSY Founder, Younes El Moujahid

Hi, My name is Younes, founder, and owner at EVOSY. My love for style, modernism, and high-quality craftsmanship has always been my standards when shopping for jewelry and fashion accessories, but I often found myself settling for one or the other, products often had something missing, if the design appeal was there, the quality was not, or the price was exaggerated. I knew that things can be better and reflect who we are today. As the word "vintage" has been blatantly used to describe mediocrity, lack of inspiration or even counterfeiting, We deserve better.

The 21st century should be celebrated. Love, hope and the future are my biggest inspirations when designing my jewelry, but so does minimalism, architecture, technology, and art.

I hope wearing EVOSY jewelry or fashion accessories not only complements your modern and refined style, but also inspire you to see the world as beautiful and sophisticated. 

Below are some of the images that have inspired me in designing my jewelry, these are also work of art by their designers.

Contemporary Design

 Inspiration for using Rectangular or square gemstones


 Pure minimalistic lines to design and mold Silver into something beautiful that complements your style