Matching Couple Bracelets

With Christmas Just a few months away and upon us, You're probably wondering what to get for that special person in your life. No doubt, the winter holidays season brings forth many anticipation from your family members, among which your partner is probably at the top of the list. He/she is one of the persons you can't ever forget to present something meaningful, matching couple bracelets or love bracelets make an impressive present to give to that someone special. 

Possibly one of the most adored presents are lover's bracelets. There is a growing trend in couples choosing something significant and memorable over what we call short-term excitement presents, for that someone special in your life, getting matching couple bracelets would show your loved one that you went the extra mile to let them know how much they mean to you and that you chose a beautiful present that lasts.

The good thing about gifting jewelry in 925 sterling silver is that they are timeless and have a certain uniqueness and color that develops through time. Couple bracelets are a must have at any given period in your relationship or friendship. Love bracelets come in different forms and fashions, but our minimalistic handcrafted sterling silver bracelets are made to be universal as their name imply. Getting matching bracelets for couples adds a certain uniqueness to your relationship with your partner. 


Couples have a way of expressing their love - they wear bracelets as a symbol of their affection or commitment. Gone are the days when men didn't wear any jewelry apart from a wedding ring. Nowadays, lots of men like to wear jewelry that matches what their significant other is wearing. Consequently, many jewelry stores offer plenty of options with regards to matching bracelets. Men have a Propensity to be Much less adventurous in terms of style when they choose their matching cuffs, that's why our matching set bracelets were designed to be minimalistic, yet elegant, simple but appealing. 

Our sterling silver bracelets come in 3 variants, our original polished Uni-Bracelet ( as in Unisex, or Universal ), the more masculine brushed top Uni-Bracelet and the 18k gold plated wonder our clients love and see as the ultimate love bracelet offering a luxury look and feel, amazing quality and affordable price.

Many couples choose to have their names or a romantic message engraved on the matching bracelets and rings. Customization of the jewelry may be done using laser by a jeweler or professional, we do not recommend any engraving on the top surface, we strongly recommend the engraving to be done on the inside surface, to keep the EVOSY cuff in its original design and appealing state. 

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