Introducing Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelets by EVOSY

Sterling Silver is the ideal gift for absolutely any special moment, be it a wedding gift, anniversary moment, birthday, Valentine's moment, or for that matter any exceptional day. 



It's the highest quality of silver jewelry you could purchase, and silver cuff bracelets, in particular, will compliment any unique outfits since they came in so many various shades and styles. 

Sterling silver jewelry has quite a stylish appearance and lends an unbelievable elegance to your whole look. Sterling silver is the purest type of silver, that is what we use to make our bracelets at EVOSY.

Silver Cuff by EVOSY

There are a number of bracelet designs out there, and all of them look good. At EVOSY, we are fascinated by minimalistic pure lines, architectural structures from past and present, and technology, these are the inspiration elements that brought the founder to design our first collection of unisex sterling silver bracelets and rings.

 Designer Cuff by EVOSY

The fact that our first collection is Unisex is no coincidence, the Uni-Bracelet collection is, in fact, a brand ambassador, a design signature for EVOSY, which represents all the elements of our design philosophy for years to come. We designed our Uni-Collection to reflect 3 things:

Our Design Philosophy

By opting for a minimalistic approach, using clean lines, subtle curves and large surfaces, we expressed our vision of how bracelets can be a perfect wrist wear accessory without matching it to anything, by itself the EVOSY uni-bracelet can be that perfect daily jewelry piece that not only complements your outfit or style but speaks your personality and fashion style. Our designs are not bound to any time or trend, have you ever looked at a building’s design, a car design, made 10, 20 or decades ago and still looked wonderful and contemporary and wondered why do they look so great? a design is an art, some art reflects specific cultures, trends or moments in history and there is nothing wrong with that, but the ones that last and age well are the ones the human eye find natural, elegant, simple and pure.

Quality and Craftsmanship

EVOSY Craftsmanship

We use the latest technologies to design our jewelry and bracelets to the detail, but every piece is meticulously handcrafted and finished by our craftsmen, this makes every cuff unique. Our Cuffs are made of 925 sterling silver, solid sterling silver that guarantees decades of beauty and elegance.


Our Bracelets and jewelry are handcrafted locally in Montreal, Canada. We strive to make the highest quality jewelry while maintaining cost and prices reasonable, our manufacturing process adheres to our pursuit of creating the ultimate fine jewelry at the lowest price possible, offering each customer true affordable luxury, buying an EVOSY bracelet is not buying a name alone, but buying value that beats any established brand or name.



Sterling Silver Bracelets

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