How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

In case you recently purchased an EVOSY sterling silver bracelet or jewelry, you will need to know how to keep it wash and lovely so that you might enjoy it for several years to come and then maybe pass it on a single day. 

Here are simple suggestions for how to clean silver and maintain it looking fantastic. To clean it, you simply must use a mild soap and luke hot water. Wash the silver different from anything else so as to prevent damaging or scratching your silver bracelet, ring or jewelry in general. Only wash it with a soft cloth or sponge, rinse it and immediately dry it with a soft fabric.

Professional Silver Cleaning and Polishing of our Bracelets

Using a clean, dry, cotton fabric, you can buff the silver surface so it shines and this normal cleaning method should keep your sterling silver looking its best, don't be afraid to hardly buff the surface using your fingers as shown in the picture below, some smudge or haze might be removed only but using pressure to buff it away.
Buffing Silver Surface to Give it that Perfect Shine

For silver that's of utmost significance or sentimental value, you should probably consider taking your precious silver jewelry piece to a professional jeweler for cleaning. We do not recommend using any compound or chemicals to clean Sterling Silver jewelry made by EVOSY, our jewelry was handcrafted using the highest quality of 925 sterling silver available, hot water should be more than enough to bring it back to its original state.

Perfectly Polished Sterling Silver Jewelry by EVOSY

For hard scratches or dents caused by dropping or accidents, we recommend bringing your silver jewelry to a professional for cleaning, polishing, and soldering if needed.

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