His and Hers Bracelets

His and Hers Bracelets

His and Hers Couple Bracelet 

Men and women are being offered an assortment of Jewelry to celebrate their love, marriage or relationship. If the man or woman you're shopping for is looking for simple elegance and lasting jewelry piece to commemorate love, friendship or family, our Uni-Bracelet collection are the right bracelets due to their minimalistic modern design. The trend to have matching couple bracelets and the popularity of cuff bracelets today due to their simplicity and practicality, it is one of the most memorable gifts a couple can wear together for years to come.
His or Hers Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver
This engagement Alternative or love bracelets provide a way to show affection to both couples. The EVOSY cuff bracelets are handcrafted from 925 sterling silver, a pure and beautiful material made to last for decades.

Hers Bracelet

Bracelets were a symbol of affluence and wealth, for a number of reasons, women and men adorned themselves in the past with jewellery and fantastic fashions whenever possible, silver has often been the metal of choice due to its quality, beauty and natural shine, today many metals are used by different manufacturers, at EVOSY, we know that silver is a metal that continues to outshine and outlasts all of them.

His Bracelet

The styles of today's matching couple bracelets are usually simple, but elegant, like a silver cuff bracelet. Our Uni-Bracelet collection offers 3 Variants: Our Original Wide Silver Cuff Bracelet for both Men and Women, a matt brushed cuff for a more masculine and discreet look, and an 18 gold plated cuff of a beauty you can only grasp while on your wrist. Our medium size-fit-all cuffs are adjustable due to sterling silver moldable nature.

As for the most famous material, sterling silver bracelets are king, followed by gold. Integrating simplicity and style make our Uni-bracelets collection a wonderful option and will last a lifetime.


If you are considering bracelet gifts for your loved one, our handmade sterling silver cuffs are guaranteed to wow your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Couples jewelry sets such as silver or gold bracelets can be the perfect couple gift.

Check out our Unisex Sterling Silver Ring for both Him and Her " they come in different width depending on the size selected" 

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