Handcrafted Jewelry

The EVOSY Project is to create simple yet bold and modern jewelry made from pure 925 sterling silver or enriched with 18k gold plating.


Jewelry Design

The design involves sharp and edgy lines and curves that complement the human body in it's form and beauty. The vision is to offer that ultimate jewelry piece without the price tag. Doing so was challenging, especially when most established brands turn to overseas manufacturing to save costs.


Montreal Downtown

After exploring that route, it became clear to me that quality will never be there as envisioned, timeless handcrafted jewelry made with love and absolute passion can only be made when you are personally involved in every step of the manufacturing process. From design, material selection to cleaning and polishing process, no detail is left unchecked. Knowing the challenges and what it takes to create EVOSY bracelets and jewelry is gratifying as you know no corners were cut to create your vision.

EVOSY jewelry is real.


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