Canadian Made Sterling Silver Bracelets

Regardless if you're shopping for yourself or for a someone special, finding a modern piece of cuff bracelets online in fine jewelry is not that hard. The question is whether you would like to buy an established brand name without necessarily getting a certain value, or get both quality and value, without the price.

Many people want to go with certain known brands and others love a very specific type of designer bracelets or bangles, but If you are looking for something unique, special and loving craftsmanship that is Canadian, than EVOSY definitely fits perfectly what you are looking for and more. Without further do, we bring you our original sterling silver cuff bracelets collection, made with Canadian sterling silver, by highly skilled Canadians, made in Canada. 

Canada's Destination for Sterling Silver Bracelets

With new technologies in jewelry design, we use a mix of 3D printing and traditional jewelry craftsmanship. Once we design our cuff bracelets and rings, we print our designs in the wax-like resin material, we process to inspect; clean and polish the wax to ensure perfection in our final base, or what we'd call the masterpiece.

Using our masterpiece, we create a permanent mold to be used to cast 925 sterling silver or gold into the model and create our design.

Cleaned and Polished EVOSY Cuff

Now comes the best part, while 3d modeling and 3d printing allow us to create our vision, the most important and gratifying part is the cleaning and polishing phase, where our highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen take 1 to 2 hours to clean and polish each EVOSY Cuff Bracelet or ring by hand using traditional jewelry-making tools. The handmade finish ensures that each EVOSY Cuff bracelet is polished to perfection and creates a lasting personal jewelry item that will accompany you during a lifetime.

Given that our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, it is flexible and very durable. After years of wearing it, you can bring it back to its original state by asking any professional jeweler to clean it and polish it, or you can use hot water to clean it and bring back it's shine.

The Making of EVOSY Cuffs

We are creating modern design jewelry that is focused on quality, design and value to provide you and your loved ones jewelry that goes beyond just the name or brand, jewelry that is designed to compliment what's already perfect, to last and inspire for years to come, and this was only possible here in Canada.

EVOSY Sterling Silver Bracelets are available exclusively online at the moment in Canada, but we ship worldwide.

The 925 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet by EVOSY

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