There are people out there who look for both luxury and personalization when selecting jewelry for them or their loved ones. There are others who want their jewelry to complement their wardrobe. Still, there is another class which wants its hands to get on a piece that is crafted for them.

Despite their varying choices, there’s one thing which unites all these people: EVOSY. Yes, it is we who provide all of them with the finest handmaiden jewelry, while also catering for their choices.



EVOSY Workshop
Ask any brand, and it would tell you myriad of reasons of why it deserves your attention. We are not going to bore you with a list. Our work speaks for itself but still, to not sound too arrogant, we are going to give you two reasons why you need EVOSY to grace your personality.

We make Handmade, and we make Quality

Tools we use at EVOSY to make our handmade fine jewelry

EVOSY is not the oldest brand in the market. It means that we aren’t as famous, yet. Still, we have that one thing which you seek: Handcrafted Modern Jewelry

We don’t go over the board in search of new customers. As long as our work is elegant, sparkling, full of luster and yes, handmaiden, it’s only a matter of time before we get where we want to. In the meantime, you will get what you want. 

Fine, elegant and classy jewelry!

There’s a thing with handmaiden jewelry which, no matter how hard they try, other brands can never get: uniqueness. Our Products are made for you. You won’t find a member of the same sex wearing the same jewel around the street.

EVOSY Unisex Uni-Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver

It takes time for our skilled craftsmen to build a jewel for you. EVOSY has no assembly lines which are churning out X products every hour.


Luxury Jewelry Made In Montreal
Although the price of our products won’t tell you, we haven’t employed any cost cutting measures. The biggest proof of this statement is the location where we make our jewelry: Montreal, Canada.

Yes, quality isn’t universal. Some craftsmen are more gifted than others. They have that Midas touch about themselves which alienates them from the riffraff.
With this in mind, we decided that if we are offering the best to our customers, we should also be paying the best to our craftsman.

So, here we are, in Montreal, Canada, making our jewelry which is not only classy, elegant, handmade and full of luster but which is being prepared as we speak, in front of our eyes, and not on a far-off island.

Final Word

Some of you might think that the aforementioned is nothing but rhetoric. But, if you want to test the veracity of our claims, there is only one way to find out: Get Yours!

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