925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver includes 92.5% silver where the residual 7.5% may be a combination of other metals such as nickel or aluminum or aluminum. These other metals provide sterling silver strength.

925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Pure 999 silver is a softer alloy and can't be made into jewelry. With the latest technologies, special machines are designed such they're in a position to mold and cure pure silver to fine jewelry pieces and maintain its form. They're also now capable of making numerous different complicated designs that you can't even find in gold, but sterling silver remains the metal of choice.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Cuffs

The explanation for this is the other metals are responding to oxygen or water in normal temperatures and Start to show tarnish at a much quicker rate. Actual 925 sterling silver holds its quality and value a lot better than regular or mixed silver. It's more of an investment than just a jewelry costume piece. 

Bear in mind that there's real and fake silver. Sterling silver pieces must be printed with a quality engraving. The silver that you purchase at big box stores you'll find that they don't have that the engraving and are considered silver jewelry pieces and may include other metals and have little market value. It's very difficult to see using pictures online, but once you put the bracelets or rings to the side of 925 sterling silver you can instantly tell the difference. Sterling silver remains the metal type of choice for entry level fine jewelry pieces for men and women.

Uni Collection In Sterling Silver

Countless years of experimentation have shown aluminum or copper to best enhance the metal's hardness and sturdiness without impacting its exquisite color. The small amount of aluminum added to Sterling silver has a small effect on the metal's value. 

All top quality silver items are printed with a 925 mark. This mark describes the precious metal content of the jewelry. Since pure silver is so soft, it must only be utilized when malleability is necessary, like in handmade jewelry featuring weaving and other complex designs. Sterling Silver is most frequently used for jewelry and household accessories due to its combination of beauty and sturdiness. With appropriate maintenance, your fine excellent silver jewelry by EVOSY will last a lifetime. 

Cleaning Sterling Silver

To minimize scratches, store your silver jewelry in either a cloth pouch or in a different compartment in your jewelry box. Avoid exposing your metallic silver to household chemicals when working in bleach or ammonia, or when swimming in chlorinated water, as these chemicals can harm silver. Care must also be taken to prevent metallic silver tarnish build-up a dulling which naturally occurs when metallic silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the surrounding air. To clean your silver, use only hot water to remove tarnish. There are also cloths designed to remove tarnish.

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